To Retire or To Be Tired Again

There are a number of people who retire from their careers but can’t seem to stay away from the workplace. They go back to teaching as substitute teachers (I know lots of those,) or substitute doctors (I know one of those.) Some more fully invest themselves in the part-time business which they had before they retired, such as rental properties, home remodeling, or creating crafts or art to sell. Others start a brand new business or an entirely new career.

The people who have retired only to propel themselves into wonderful new careers amaze me—possibly because I’m attempting to do the same with my writing. I know at least three people who create beautiful art work and then work hard to display it at galleries and  other public places in order to create a demand. All have been successful.Sandy's paintingColors of Guatemala By Sandra Schaffer

TobyA_Oak%20Street%20Bridge%20over%20Brush%20CreekOak Street Bridge over Brush Creek By Anita Toby

A retired emergency room physician I know took a job as a hospital standards examiner and then was invited to help open a new hospital in Qatar. He will live and work there for at least a year, with room, board, and transportation supplied, and can ultimately add most of his earnings to his retirement fund.  Map_Qatar_local 

Then there is my friend, the entrepreneur, who retired from a heating and air conditioning company to start his own company at an age when most of us would be heading for the warm southern states or at least spending our days playing golf or tennis. Not him. He had thought about running his own company for a long time and finally had his opportunity. Now he has built a successful business. For several years his firm has been at the top of Angie’s List for service. Who knows when this energetic guy will finally retire for real. 

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My neighbor has self-published and sold two business-related books and now also teaches college business classes since retiring from his business career.  His wife is one of those substitute teachers I mentioned previously. She also heads the ticket department for Kansas City School District basketball games. Those two are so busy I hardly ever see them.

Ah, retirement, lazy days of lounging around the house—maybe for some.


About Joyce Ann Brown

Freelance writer retired from a long career as a library media specialist, adventurer, reader, lover of all things spunky. Besides hiking K.C. trails weekly, I currently write for publications and write cozy mysteries. Find Catastrophic Connections and Furtive Investigation on Amazon.
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3 Responses to To Retire or To Be Tired Again

  1. sallyjadlow says:

    Interesting. Of all the chapters and verses in the Bible, the word “retirement” never appears. Hmmmmm . . .


  2. I was a professor of psychology specializing in adulthood and aging. I used to do seminars on retirement. What I failed to appreciate until I retired was how retirement would give me the freedom to explore aspects of myself I hadn’t been in touch with before. Now I have six cozy mystery books out and two more to come soon. I’m more in love with what I’m doing now than I was college teaching, and I thought that was pretty great. Who knew?


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