Vacationing With Cats

Chloe Cat exploring our RV garage...

Dogs wag tails, shake paws, and roll over. They don’t necessarily let go of the object, but they fetch. Puppies eventually become house broken and won’t let rain, snow, sleet, or hail keep them from daily walks with their masters. Doggies give slobbery dog licks to one’s friends and bark like crazy when a stranger enters the house. Not every attribute of a dog is desirable, true enough. However, dog owners are especially lucky in one regard. Dogs, in general, love to travel. Canines stick their heads out of car windows and let their ears and tongues flap in the wind, ride like happy hobos in the beds of pick-up trucks, and smile at passersby while standing guard inside empty vehicles in parking lots.

Now, cats aren’t such good travelers. Just a trip to the vet can be a colossal undertaking. The little critter will meow piteously all the way and will shed so much fur in its anxiety that its owners end up with itchy eyes and noses. “Let’s go,” and “Hop in,” don’t work with a cat. It’s more likely a person will have to capture a kitty and imprison it in a cat carrier.

Try taking two pet cats across country on a fifth wheel RV trip. If the temperature in the RV will be below freezing or above 85⁰ F. one must let the cats ride in the truck. If the truck’s previous owners let their huge Doberman ride in the vehicle, the cats will hiss, claw, and fight each other half way to Florida. Even if the dedicated cat guardians shampoo and wash every surface with heavy-duty dog scent eliminator, there is still the movement of the truck. Spoiled cats are philosophically opposed to movement they haven’t themselves created. (Try pulling a kitty along in a little red wagon, or try picking up your darling when she is busy doing her own cat thing.)

Then there is potty time. Dog owners can count on their pets to go at rest stops. Two comfort breaks for the price of one. Cat owners have to deal with THE DREADFUL LITTER BOX. How can this be stated politely? The thing stinks! Especially inside a closed-up diesel truck. The cats won’t actually use the box while the truck is moving. Master wants it there “just in case.” Kitties do feel at home in their own litter box, however, and tend to climb in and out to comfort their tiny cat psyches.  Litter litters the truck’s carpet. Mistress develops a headache thinking about how much vacuuming and shampooing and cat scent eliminator will now be in order.

Moose Cat taking a Cat nap in the RV...

Cats do finally get used to the movement. Naturally curious cats then start to explore—into the back window, up on the dashboard, around the sides of the bucket seats, under the driver’s feet. They may even perch prettily on top of the cooler to watch the traffic. Dogs may be better travelers, but vacationing with your cats becomes worthwhile when one of them is purring on your lap, or when you look into the back seat and see two kitties curled up together, sleeping. And they enjoy living in the RV with their people, too!

Guarding the cooler--very important.

Explorer cat--well, just a short excursion.


About Joyce Ann Brown

Freelance writer retired from a long career as a library media specialist, adventurer, reader, lover of all things spunky. Besides hiking K.C. trails weekly, I currently write for publications and write cozy mysteries. Find Catastrophic Connections and Furtive Investigation on Amazon.
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3 Responses to Vacationing With Cats

  1. Vicki Gaughan says:

    It was fun to read about traveling from the cat’s point of view! I bet there aren’t many articles out there about seeing the country with your 4-legged feline friends:)


  2. We will travel with the cats again soon. They seem to be okay after a while as long as they are with their people.


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