10,000 Mile Journey–From Sea to Shining Sea

Back just over two weeks from our first BIG RV trip in June, we began our second trip the middle of July. Now with this vast experience (5,125 miles the second time, after the first trip of over 4,500 miles) and the shake-down of our 38 ft. RV pretty much complete, we feel qualified to give ADVICE. (Doesn’t everyone?) Seriously, people hinted or outright warned us, about some of what we learned before we left. But it seems to be the nature of people (meaning US) that experience is the best teacher.

In July it was in the high 90’s and even over 100°  east of the Rockies while we wore jeans and jackets in the mountain country and on the West Coast.         Ahhhh, the weather made the whole trip even more special.

The vast impressive majestic magnificent West:

A jacket in July!

Yellowstone National Park—too remarkable to remark upon:

Steam rising from the Caldera under the park and releasing sulfur
Bubbly Hot Pot

Bubbling Hot PotBison Grazing along the flooded Yellowstone River

Seattle and Puget Sound with friends:

Sunset view of Puget Sound from Anthony's Restaurant

The Washington, Oregon border—fun on the beach, wine tasting, the Columbia River:

Bonfire on the Beach at SunsetSand, wind, mountains, jacket & jeans--on a Pacific Northwest beach

The Oregon and California Coast on Highway 101—many, many stops to just take in the beauty of the beaches and the rocky coast:

The Redwood Forest National Park and northern California and, of course, more wine tasting.:

That's me at the bottom of the Redwood!

Across Nevada and Utah and a wonderful afternoon at Arches National Park:

2,000 arches in Arches National Park, Utah

On top of Monarch Pass in Colorado, at the Continental Divide, one can see for 150 miles.

Across the Continental Divide over Monarch Pass:



Then home to the heat—yet nice to be home. I listed a sampling and a few highlights of the magnificent scenery and great experiences we encountered on the second part of our Sea to Shining Sea RV Retirement Journey this summer. We enjoyed staying in our cozy RV, and even our two cats came to accept it as a second home during this trip. More trips  will be forthcoming. There are so many places we went where we wished that we had more time to unhook the truck from the RV and explore, but we had deadlines to make and had to journey on. That was the biggest lesson. From now on we’ll try to plan trips where we will select a destination to park for a week or so and really have time to get to know the area and  meet people. It’s amazing to me how many people  spend entire seasons or even entire years living and traveling in their RV’s.

It’s fun to make the RV experience part of our retirement journey.


About Joyce Ann Brown

Freelance writer retired from a long career as a library media specialist, adventurer, reader, lover of all things spunky. Besides hiking K.C. trails weekly, I currently write for publications and write cozy mysteries. Find Catastrophic Connections and Furtive Investigation on Amazon.
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2 Responses to 10,000 Mile Journey–From Sea to Shining Sea

  1. Neida says:

    Being a full time RVer is like being on vacation 365 days a year! Our plan of two years of RVing is now entering its fourth year and there is still so much more to see and do! You guys are real RVers now…you’re already thinking of your next trip and you can give advice and help out fellow travelers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. It is fun to ride along with you.


  2. Thank you so much for the comment. We know now that we should have listened when you said that you don’t stay anywhere in your RV for less than 3 days. However, we have our experience now and are ready for the longer stays and indepth exploration. Hope to see you in one of the campgrounds!


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