The Ultimate RVers

They sold their home, their cars, their furniture, their appliances, their winter clothing, and almost everything else as they made the transition from a big home, jobs, nice cars, and lots of “stuff” to retirement living full time in a “Type A” recreational vehicle.  They do have a small car that goes with them on their journeys.  Almost all the rest of their possessions (except for a few photo albums and other keepsakes in storage) have to fit inside the RV.

Type A RV Living

We asked them, “Don’t you get tired of being in such a small space all of the time?”

They answered, “We are hardly ever inside. We hike, play golf and tennis, cook out, socialize with our RV neighbors–all outside of the RV.”

“Well, don’t you miss your stuff?”


These full-time RVers live at an RV resort in Arizona during the winter months. Then near the end of April they take off for their “Great Adventure.” The first year they traveled the West Coast, staying for a week or more at different National Parks or in RV parks close to places they wanted to explore. The second summer they explored the midwest. And the third year they plan to travel around the Northeast part of the U.S. The fourth year? Maybe Canada. They have made so many friends during their winter stays in Arizona that they have plenty of people to visit as they go north during the summer months.

They visit grandchildren, too, and get home once a summer for doctor appointments, etc. And they use all of their organization skills arranging tennis parties, teaching lessons, and helping get people into the life at their winter RV park. These two retirees found that a journey into retirement includes many journeys.


About Joyce Ann Brown

Freelance writer retired from a long career as a library media specialist, adventurer, reader, lover of all things spunky. Besides hiking K.C. trails weekly, I currently write for publications and write cozy mysteries. Find Catastrophic Connections and Furtive Investigation on Amazon.
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